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We are committed to providing ethical quality service in a manner which fosters trust and confidence amongst our client companies, our client applicants and our temporary employees. We will adhere to the following principles when dealing with personal information.
  • gather only relevant employment information related to job attainment and job continuance
  • protect the privacy and confidentiality of said information
  • maintain accurate records
  • provide accessibility to our privacy policies
  • comply with all governing laws and regulations
  • receive appropriate signage of release of information

1. Communicate with our applicants clearly, the reason for collecting personal information and exactly how it will be used.

2. Obtain consent for permission to gather previous personal job-related personal information and clearly identify with who said information will be shared.

3. The information gathered will be limited to the specified purpose of attaining a job or assignment or retaining a specific job/assignment.

4. At the request of the applicant "personal information" will be deleted from our files or shredded. When no longer deemed necessary for further job search as defined by company policies, said information will be deleted or shredded.

5. All staff will be trained and updated as to the importance of the privacy issue.

6. All information gathered will be protected by means of a password or locked file.

7. All notes regarding who has had access to said information per individual will be kept on file and made available upon request.


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